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Greatness From Small Beginnings.

Over The Hill Fitness is a platform designed to help busy people get their daily exercise in and live healthier lives. Here I aim to empower your training through motivation, guided workouts, remote one-on-one training sessions and much more! So, are you ready to hustle for the muscle?

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free on us!

Here at Over The Hill Fitness, I believe in letting your voice be heard. So why be charged for a chat about your goals and fitness aspirations? Book in a free consultation now and start your journey! Consultations include realistic goal setting, body measuring, movement evaluations and more!

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Your personal workout assistant.

Are you or your friends working out in the gym or at home? Trying to reach your health and fitness goals? Stay tuned for the Over The Hill Fitness app!

Coming soon to the app store and Google play.

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Zoish C.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Daniel is a fantastic coach and man to be around, therefore I strongly recommend him! He maintains enlightening and kind conversation while challenging and motivating you during training."

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