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Who is personal training for?

The personal training experience is meant for anyone seeking accountability and a path to reach his or her optimal health, fitness, and/or weight loss. The personal training sessions range from holistic to specific experiences that any personality or client can relate to.


What can I expect from a personal training session?

Every time you come to do a training session or a workout  program with Daniel, expect to be pushed to your full potential in order to achieve your desired goals.

Training Sessions

What happens if I cancel my future training sessions before the training agreement expires?

If you cancel early before your contract minimum term is finished, you will unfortunately be charged according to your unique cancellation policy, as discussed with Daniel prior to starting training in the first instance.

Why did I get charged for cancelling the training session?

Due to the limited availability of training slots, you most likely got charged for cancelling within 24 hours of the training session. This is because it short-sights Daniel with planning, as well as putting other customers/clients at a disadvantage.

What happens if I need to cancel my automatic payments for future training sessions?

If you need to cancel your training session automatic payments, simply email Daniel and your payments will be cancelled before the next payment date. If you are currently have an active training agreement, then you wont be able to cancel the training sessions or stop the automatic payments until the training agreement term is completed.

How can I see my active subscriptions or what I am currently signed up to? 

To see what you are currently subscribed to, simply go to the 'Subscriptions' page in your personal profile, and your will see what you currently have active.


Don't see your question listed? Get in contact with Daniel today, so he can help put your worries at ease.

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