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Mental Health

Here at Over The Hill Fitness, our mission isn't just to help people get fit and healthy physically, but mentally too. Did you know that in New Zealand, 1/5 of people are affected by mental health illness each year, and one in six adults have been diagnosed  with a common mental disorder? Knowing this, we want to help anyone is going through a tough time to find some peace of mind and live a happier life.

Press the button below to see the powerful statistics about New Zealands mental health.


Our Mission

Feeling a bit numb after reading the stats? I know, WE ARE TOO! That's why we want to do our part to make a change and bring these shocking stats as low as we can! In an effort to help do this, we want to provide a platform for people seeking mental health support, to get the help that they need with the right people. That's why we have fully intergraded a live chat service with the right people, so that those who need it can get the support that they need in order to live a happier and healthier life. And the best part? Its FREE!

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